CHEF MARIAS GREEK DELI is opening 20  March 2017

2013 Eisenhower Ave.  Fort Knox KY 40121

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 11.00 am -7.00 pm

Saturday 11.00 am -4.00 pm  Sunday closed

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed the cooking class and on Sunday made a 9 piece Spanakopita, for my self and a neighbor. Boy the scale said I ate 5 of the pieces and enjoyed every bite. These are fantastic and will make the Baklava for Thanksgiving, as our dessert instead of a pie.
Thanks again for a really fun and informative evening.

Sharon Seefeld


Hello Chef Maria.
Thank you for a wonderful class at the Rainbow Blossom Wellness Center tonight.
I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening.  The class was very relaxed filled with so much information.  Thank you for sharing tips which will allow me to prepare the three dishes we covered.
Enjoyed being in a class with friendly people especially your friend and Spencer, who accompanied his grandmother and was a delight.  It gave me an opportunity to also share the evening with my daughter, Lisbeth.  Lisbeth raved about your yogurt as we drove home.  Loved it.
I did order three packages of the phyllo that I will pick up at the Browns Lane Farmers Market on Saturday, Nov. 19.  Would appreciate your adding the yogurt culture to that order.
Thank you again for a lovely evening.  It was all that I hoped for and more.
Enjoy your evening.
Andrea Wilkinson reviewed Chef Maria’s Greek Deli5 star

Real genuine Greek/Mediterranean food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rusty Shoulta reviewed Chef Maria’s Greek Deli5 star

Awesome food. The lamb wrap and baklava are incredible


Online Ordering has started


So, here is the famous spinach pie that no matter how much I make, as soon as you arrive, it has vanished. Lots of other people came before you and got it.

So, with online ordering, all you have to do, order it by Thursday at least, pay for it and yes, I will save it for you in a bag with your name on it.

So simple. Just mention which Farmers Market I am bringing it.

St. Matthews 4100 Shellbyville RD Saturdays 8.00-12.00 till the 8th of October.

Rainbow Blossom 3738 Lexington ave. Sundays 12.00-4.00

Gray street Farmers Market, 400 E. Gray str. in front of the Health Department.

Harvey Brown Presbyterian church 311 Browns Lane after the 15th of October 10.00-1.00

So, let’s do it.

P.S. Actually, you can order anything from the Online Ordering and I will bring it to you.

Plethora of food

My brain is exploding. You will hear this a lot. But, really, my brain is exploding. I go to these farmers and I look at all this produce and I am thinking stews, soups, entrees, dips, lunches and dinners and in between snacks.

Yes, this is what I want and I am bursting with where to distribute it. So, Rainbow Blossom is the first place I visited and the second is going to be Reynolds Grocery

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My Community Presence


Chef Maria is one of Louisville Kentucky’s culinary treasures and is an avid supporter of local farmers serving local produce whenever she can. She believes that everyone in our community should have healthy food, and loves to teach classes on how to cook it. Chef Maria cooks fresh Greek food using recipes from her childhood. She was born in Lerapetra, Crete Greece and came to the U.S. in 1997 with her husband and daughter, the family settled in Radcliffe.

You only have to spend a few minutes with her to realize that food is her passion. She welcomes everyone with her larger than life, arms wide open, personality. Awarded with being one of the 100 Fascinating Louisville Women, she is very active and visible in our community. She has appeared on public access shows such as Secrets of Louisville Chefs, and Good Morning WAVE Country. With nearly years of business and an authentic cultural background, she is proud to be known for the best gyros, best Greek salad, best spinach & feta cheese pie, and best food in town.

“Greek food is to sit down and enjoy,” she says. Choices include a changing variety of made from scratch items various type of hummus, tzatziki sauce and gorgonzola dips with pita as well as moussaka, pastitsio, and saganaki. “OPA!” She adds. Her Mediterranean chicken with feta cheese, stuffed grape leaves and braised lamb shanks with rosemary and garlic are sought after at markets, fairs and festivals far and wide. Her baklava, pita, and tzatziki sauce border on the divine.You will see her each week with her dear brother Emmanouil Konstantinidis. The pair offer lively conversation with their delicious food.

Chef Maria also teaches Greek cooking classes and pinpoints the value of eating healthy. Her motto is, “Eat healthy, Eat Greek.” Maria was an ESL teacher in Crete Greece and after settling in Radcliffe, KY, outside Fort Knox, she asked her husband to take her to a Greek restaurant to eat, because she missed home so much. He started asking people who had been in the area for recommendations for a good Greek restaurant.  The answer was there weren’t any.  So, Maria, started a new dream and on the 10th of January of 2000 she opened the Greek Paradise Cafe in Radcliffe.  Now nearly 20 years later she is all over Louisville and so is delicious Greek food!