Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 11.00 am -7.00 pm

Saturday 11.00 am -4.00 pm  Sunday closed



I opened Chef Maria’s Greek Deli in 2012 after a great demand from customers who wanted to continue having my products in the winter after the Farmers Markets close for the season.

I found a small and affordable space on 102C Fairfax Ave. across from the out of business, then, KFC, in St. Matthews across from Trinity High School. Later, White Castle bought KFC and caused us a lot of troubles for a while, but will go to another page.

I stayed there 2 years and customers were happy except for some who wanted a few chairs to sit down and eat, but the size of the place and my permit from the city didn’t allow it.

At the end of my lease, I didn’t renew it, instead, I moved to Old Louisville, on 107 W. Oak street. This place had a lot of sitting, but it couldn’t justify the name deli because it was an upscale place, so , I named it Chef Maria’s Bistro.

My presence there was only 8 months because of the crime in the area, we felt not exactly terrorized, but we never  knew what would happen the next day. The customers felt it as well first hand. Besides, I felt a Greek restaurant didn’t  fit in there and operate in fear.

So, I left, and a customer recommended I go back to St. Matthews where they missed me so much.

I felt the same.

So, here I am, leasing a space next to nail salon and Super Chefs.

I cleaned, painted, decorated my new place, I opened the 8th of Dec. and the 10th of Jan. it burns.

Nobody knows what happened and till today, 08/26/2016, there is not an official report from the Fire Marshall. I will update later when I find out.

So, that’s the short existence of Chef Maria’s Greek Deli.before after

So, what’s the situation now?

What do we hear from our customers?

Do you know we have a go fund me page?  www.gofundme/chefmariasgreekdeli

Where are we heading to?

Are we rebuilding?

Well, I am going to start answering all these questions one at a time using the blog.