Online Ordering has started


So, here is the famous spinach pie that no matter how much I make, as soon as you arrive, it has vanished. Lots of other people came before you and got it.

So, with online ordering, all you have to do, order it by Thursday at least, pay for it and yes, I will save it for you in a bag with your name on it.

So simple. Just mention which Farmers Market I am bringing it.

St. Matthews 4100 Shellbyville RD Saturdays 8.00-12.00 till the 8th of October.

Rainbow Blossom 3738 Lexington ave. Sundays 12.00-4.00

Gray street Farmers Market, 400 E. Gray str. in front of the Health Department.

Harvey Brown Presbyterian church 311 Browns Lane after the 15th of October 10.00-1.00

So, let’s do it.

P.S. Actually, you can order anything from the Online Ordering and I will bring it to you.